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Baguus Little Asia
"Flavors from Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Thailand"

Please note that we are closed on Sunday & Monday.
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Baguus Little Asia

With our decades of experience in Pan Asian cuisine, Baguus Little Asia is here. Our Asian-inspired bold flavor menu, Noodles, Potsticker, Vegetables, Seafood, Poultry, Flatbreads, and Rice brings our own Asian twist on them, and delivers the unique culinary cultures of Malaysia, China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea and more to your table.

The guests savor a lot of small plates to share and our price conscious menu makes the dining experience easy to add on to have more fun dinner.

The beverage offerings are unique that the state-of-the-art pour your own drink system for enjoying a small amount tasting to a full glass. We offer beers and wines to choose from.

Mountlake Terrace

About Baguus

We provide an experience of the world of Asian cuisine, serve you with our pride and offer no hunger to all. It is our blessing to join this community of friends and supporters like you.


Happiness & Joy through Food

Baguus (buh guh uh suh) means great, beautiful and having a wonderful time, used in Malaysia and Indonesia regions. “BAGUUS” is the place to provide happiness and joy through food. Every guest who comes to Baguus leaves happy. BAGUUS!


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